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The top free destination for unrivaled professional research, curated content, and authoritative medical conference coverage — with insights and analysis from key opinion leaders in top medical specialties.

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Sosido is an online knowledge sharing network that connects healthcare professionals within and across groups. The Sosido network was built for, and by, healthcare associations and research groups to help their members stay on top of the latest research and raise the profile of their contributions to patient care. It is the linchpin for creating connected communities of healthcare professionals, delivering content that is critical to their practice and the advancement of their profession.

PracticeUpdate, a free digital offering from Elsevier, was developed with the goal of improving healthcare by providing the unbiased medical information and educational resources physicians need to improve patient care. PracticeUpdate provides a comprehensive online resource that showcases articles and the most-authoritative content − hand-selected by key opinion leaders who understand what matters most for care delivery. For healthcare professionals who do not have time to filter through countless articles published daily, PracticeUpdate helps them cut through the clutter to stay current on changes that impact their practice.

Why We've Partnered

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Sosido and PracticeUpdate have teamed up to provide healthcare professionals with the value of evidence-based, expert content aimed at improving patient care, while driving deeper engagement within specialty therapeutic areas. With PracticeUpdate’s curated content, Sosido members now have access to exclusive, customizable medical information, insights, and analysis from PracticeUpdate’s editorial board of highly-reputable, global opinion leaders. Integrating PracticeUpdate content into the weekly Sosido e-newsletter expands the growing network of engaged PracticeUpdate users to thousands more healthcare professionals worldwide.

Our Specialties

  • benign hematology
  • cardiology
  • dermatology
  • diabetes
  • eyecare
  • gastroenterology
  • neurology
  • oncology
  • primary care
  • urology
  • centers of excellence

Benefits of PracticeUpdate

Our Experts

provide customized, curated research and clinical findings.

Exclusive, Free

clinical information is scanned, selected, and prioritized.

Unbiased, Impartial,

independent medical information selected each week.

Stay Current

in your field with distilled professional research, articles, and education.

Our Experts

All of our Editorial Boards are comprised of internationally-recognized experts in their respective specialties.

  • 2,000+ PracticeUpdate Editorial Board Members
  • 2,145+ Expert Opinion Items Published
  • 2,000+ Content Contributors
  • 55+ Videos

Each of Our Editorial Boards Meet Weekly To:

Review all relevant literature and select the most important content
Add take-home messages to highlight key takeaways
Provide commentaries to provide additional insights

Customized Experience

Choose the topics which are most interesting to be delivered directly to your inbox via daily, weekly, or monthly emails.